ADAMPRIMUS offers a range of Restructuring and Reorganization Services to companies in difficulty and to banks and other financial institutions, regulatory and judicial institutions. Our services include:

  • Business Appraisals and Review – viability assessment, financial modeling, due diligence and valuations services
  • Turnaround Strategies and Crisis Management
  • Financial and Operational Restructuring – formulation negotiations and support
  • Formal insolvency appointments
  • Solvent Liquidations

  • Corporations, Banking & Financial Institutions

    During the life of a corporation, corporations will succumb to situations beyond their planned existence resulting in the corporations and their businesses either becoming stressed or be confronted with corporate distress. In situation such as these, corporations would generally be said be failing, becoming insolvent, be in default of its debts and obligations and even be made in bankruptcy.

    When corporation becomes stressed or in distress, one of the principal problems faced by the corporation, its banking and financial creditors and by other creditors, is to identify the corporation’s underlying problems, consider the options available under the circumstances, seek the support of its stakeholders for options to restructure or reorganize the business and its affairs.

    In many cases, The Directors and Shareholders acknowledged the problems faced by the corporations but the corporations may not have the management resources to develop fully the restructuring needed - our involvement is an important factor in putting together a workable and effective corporate plan. Often our involvement with a corporation is at the initiation of its banks and financial institutions and acts as a catalyst for change required.

    The development of a restructuring plan is only the beginning of the recovery process - equally critical is the implementation of the plan. It is frequently the case that implementation needs close monitoring. This may be quarterly or monthly and occasionally, in times of crisis, is on an even more frequent basis.